Previous Prison Experience and Evaluation of the Quality of Prison Life (Stevanović, Ilijić & Vujičić, 2024)
Is Previous Prison Experience the Key to Evaluating Prison Life Quality?
The research findings indicate significant differences in the assessment of prison life quality between individuals who have previously served a prison sentence and those who have not. Individuals without prior prison experience often rate harmony, professionalism, and well-being in the prison environment more favourably.

Observing psychopathy promptly, reliably, and validly: Development and validation of the Short Psychopathy Rating Scale (SPRS) (Međedović, 2024)
Unlocking the Secrets of Psychopathy: Meet SPRS, the Short Psychopathy Rating Scale
Developed through three original research studies, this concise and precise scale captures the essence of psychopathy in just a few questions. Proven valid and reliable, SPRS is not only intended for professionals but is designed for easy application, changing the assessment of psychopathy both in research and practical situations.

Quality of Prison Life of Female Prisoners in Serbia: Key Challenges and Areas of Strength (Batrićević, Pavićević, Ćopić & Milićević, 2023)
Life in prison in Serbia brings a range of challenges for women
What do convicted women experience during their prison sentence? Read the analysis of the quality of their prison life. Research reveals that the overall prison experience was rated relatively low, with only a quarter of respondents giving a positive rating. The highest-rated dimensions include adaptation and coping with stress, while the lowest-rated are well-being, bureaucratic legitimacy, organization, and consistency in conduct.

Media portrayals of prison life and criminal justice: A narrative literature review on shaping public perceptions and policy implications (Milićević & Drndarević, 2023)
Have you ever wondered how prisons and convicts are portrayed in the media? Are these portrayals of prisons real or distorted? Discover how media shapes perceptions of prison life and justice system. This research shows how often negative images of convicted individuals influence public opinion. Find out why balanced portrayals are important.

Moral and social climate in prisons (Pavićević, Ilijić & Batrićević, 2023)
Authors delve into how moral and social climate in prisons impacts inmates’ lives and rehabilitation success. Read and discover how this topic links with global societal trends and key dimensions that shape the quality of prison life!

Abstract Book from the National Scientific Conference “Convict Population: New Perspectives” (Ilijić, Pavićević & Drndarević, 2023)
Discover new perspectives in working with the offender population! The national scientific conference ” Convict Population: New Perspectives” brings together researchers, the academic community, and practitioners to investigate and address key issues related to serving sentences and rehabilitation. It is dedicated to students and early career researchers.
Read about sociological aspects of the prison population, healthcare in prison, trends in imprisonment in Serbia, and many other topics. Learn about innovative approaches and the perspectives of young researchers.

PrisonLIFE Project Factsheets (PrisonLIFE team, 2023)
The results of the project so far are briefly presented.
See our most important findings, conclusions and recommendations.

Integrating standard and network psychometrics to assess the quality of prison life in Serbia (Međedović, Drndarević & Milićević, 2023)
Explore the world of prison life through the MQPL survey.
We analyzed five dimensions of prisoners’ well-being, uncovered central elements of life behind bars, and identified a high level of reliability and validity for this research tool.

Expert report – Quality of prison life in the Republic of Serbia (Ćopić, Stevanović, Vujičić & Stevanović, 2023)
Find out the key findings on prison life quality in Serbia.
Examine differences among correctional facilities and discover recommendations for enhancing the lives of the convicted population.

Quality of prison life of female convicts in serbia: Preliminary research findings (Ćopić, Milićević, Batrićević & Pavićević, 2023)
Explore the initial PrisonLIFE findings on the quality of prison life for female convicts in Serbia.
Discover key differences and insights, highlighting the need for improvements in the country’s sole women’s prison.

Health status of the older prison population (Milićević, 2023)
Unlock the challenges of health in older prisoners.
Explore insights from 27 studies spanning two decades and uncover the unique health challenges of aging inmates and the pressing need for enhanced healthcare services.

Treatment, Release and Reintegration of Elderly in Prison – Problems and Challenges in Practice (Ilijić, 2023)
Discover the unique challenges faced by older prisoners, the fastest-growing incarcerated group.
Read about their complex health and social needs, the inadequacies of current prison treatments, and the crucial aspects of their successful reintegration into society after release.

Gender perspective of quality of life and well-being in Serbian prisons: Preliminary findings (Milićević, Ilijić & Pavićević, 2023)
Read about the differences in the health quality of life in Serbian prisons between convicted men and women.
The first project results reveal that convicted women experience greater stress in physical, psychological and environmental quality of life compared to men, which indicates the need for practices aimed at improving their well-being.

Neoliberal penal policy and privatization (Pavićević, Ilijić & Milićević, 2023)
Analyze the relationship between neoliberal penal policy transformation and prison privatization within the context of neoliberal market reform.
Discover how this transformation impacts the quality, competencies, and outcomes of services in the private prison sector and investigate the role of the neoliberal state in this process.

Ageing of the prison population – Characteristics, issues and perspectives (Milićević & Ilijić, 2022)
Learn about the global issue of aging in prisons.
Our literature review uncovers key questions and perspectives, exploring challenges in healthcare, family relationships, infrastructure, and prospects for improving conditions for elderly inmates.

Persons with intellectual disabilities and violations of legal norms – Some characteristics of the population and challenges in the execution of prison sentences (Milićević & Ilijić, 2022)
Read about the treatment of individuals with intellectual disabilities in criminal-legal proceedings and during incarceration.
Discover the prevalence of people with intellectual disabilities in the population of convicted persons, the specific of their position in the legal process, and challenges in the post-penal period. Learn about the essential collaboration for successful reintegration into the community.

Overview of the beginning study of the prison social climate and the development of assessment instruments (Ilijić, Milićević & Pavićević, 2022)
Explore the concept of prison social climate and its impact on life behind bars.
The authors delve into the theoretical foundations and development of the concept, providing insights into instruments for measuring prison climate, with a special focus on Measuring the Quality of Prison Life (MQPL) as one of the most modern and reliable tools.

Offenders and their families in a digital environment: A case study of PCI Sremska Mitrovica (Vujičić & Drndarević, 2022)
Explore the development of video visitation in the Penal-Correctional Institute in Sremska Mitrovica.
Read about insights from staff and experts, delve into the impact of video calls on offender behavior, and analyze the digital landscape within the legal framework of the Republic of Serbia.