The thematic collection of papers “Organization of Prison Life and Security in Prisons: Criminological, Penological, Sociological, Psychological, Legal, and Security Aspects” is being prepared.


  • Organization and Management of the Prison Environment (security protocols, classification of inmates, daily regime, treatment and rehabilitation programs, healthcare, discipline and order, etc.)
  • Security Protocols: Implementation of security measures in prison, surveillance system, digital technologies, safety control, the role of security services
  • Enhancing Security: Strategies for professionalism and rule adherence
  • Dynamics of Prison Life Organization: Implications for improving well-being and safety of inmates
  • Positive Relationships between Prison Staff and Inmates: Key to security
  • Impact of Rules and Regulations on the Perception of Safety and Security among Inmates
  • Innovative Approaches to Enhancing Compliance with Rules and Regulations in Prison
  • Security and Safety from a Human Rights Perspective
  • Empowering Prison Staff: Enhancing Professionalism
  • Staff Training for a Safer Prison Environment
  • Interdisciplinary Insights into the Complexities of Prison Life: Implications for Policy and Practice
  • Social Interactions – (In)formal Systems and Security
  • Other Relevant Topics

Deadline for paper submission: September 15, 2024

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  1. Language. Papers should be submitted in either Serbian (using the Latin script) or English.
  2. Font. Submit the manuscript in Microsoft Word format, using A4 paper size. Times New Roman font, font size 12 pt, and a line spacing of 1.5.
  3. Structure. The paper should include the following accompanying elements:
    1. Title of the paper. The title should be concise and precisely formulated, presented in uppercase, bold, centred, with a font size of 14 pt.
    2. Author’s Name and Affiliation. In a footnote, provide the author’s full name and affiliation. Include the email address of the corresponding author and their ORCID number.
    3. Abstract. The abstract should be up to 300 words, in 11 pt font. For original research papers, the abstract should include the significance of the research problem, objectives, methods, results, and conclusions. For review papers, the abstract should cover the subject and aim of the paper, structure, key points, and conclusions.
    4. Keywords. Provide three to five keywords that capture the main topics or themes of the paper.
    5. Sections. For an original scientific paper, include the following sections: Introduction, Objectives, Methods, Results, Discussion, and Conclusion. For a review paper, in addition to the Introduction and Conclusion, structure the content in accordance with the main theme of the paper.
    6. Sections Titles and Subtitles. Sections Titles and Section titles and subtitles are not numbered. Format them according to the following levels – I level: centred, bold, font 12; II level: left-aligned, bold, font 12; III level: left-aligned, bold, italic, font 12.
    7. Tables and Graphs. Tables and graphs in the paper should be labelled with appropriate numbers. The title of a table or graph should be in italics. For example: Table 1. Title
    8. References. Citations in the text and the list of used literature at the end of the paper should follow the APA 7 standards.
  4. Paper Length and Self-Citations. The paper should not exceed 16 pages (1800 characters per page) and should include a minimum of two relevant self-citations.

Editor-in-chief ▪ Ljeposava Ilijić, PhD
Editor ▪ Aleksandar Stevanović, MA