The PrisonLIFE project team has previously dealt with the characteristics of the prison system in our country. The project team members have conducted numerous comparative, theoretical, and empirical studies and studies focused on changes in legal solutions and public policies. The lack of literature on the quality of prison life and its assessment, monitoring, and change has motivated the PrisonLIFE project team to explore this subject comprehensively. Unlike the previous scientific-research experience of the team members, which mainly referred to particular characteristics of the execution of a prison sentence, the PrisonLIFE project includes a broader perspective and has scientific and social potential, with a normative dimension.

The PrisonLIFE project team consists of professional, experienced, and promising researchers from the Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research in Belgrade. They will achieve the main goal and specific objectives by sharing roles and responsibilities. The transdisciplinarity of the PrisonLIFE project team is reflected in the sharing and integrating of complementary knowledge, skills, and expertise during the exploration and discussion of project findings from different aspects. This synergy of knowledge and professional skills of the PrisonLIFE project team members is essential for achieving the goal. The project is led by Milena Milićević, PhD, research associate at the Institute, and principal investigator. The PrisonLIFE project team include Ljeposava Ilijić, PhD, Olivera Pavićević, PhD, Ivana Stepanović, PhD, Sanja Ćopić, PhD, Janko Međedović, PhD, Ivana Stevanović, PhD, Nikola Vujičić, MA, and Nikola Drndarević, MA. As long-term collaborators, the team members have previously dealt with a wide range of areas and topics directly related to the project – from psychometry and cross-cultural adaptation to criminal law, from criminology and penology to social rehabilitation, victimology, and gender studies.


Milena Milićević, PhD