PhD, senior research associate, Institute for Criminological and Sociological Research, Belgrade

Project role and skills:

Ivana Stevanović, PhD, senior research associate, has long-term experience in action research and contributed to raising public awareness of the importance of supporting convicts to cope with imprisonment and divert the criminal model after serving a prison sentence. Within the PrisonLIFE project, Ivana Stevanović will analyze the results from the perspective of criminal sanctions and assess the quality of prison life from the legal aspect. She will apply the comparative-legal method and content analysis to improve public policies and convince decision-makers to recognize the role of quality of prison life in reducing recidivism in the prison population.

When it comes to the PrisonLIFE project implementation, Ivana Stevanović is involved in the evaluation of the quality of prison life in comparison to criminological and penological characteristics of convicted persons. She actively participates in the development of rules and guidelines for its improvement, including empirically and theoretically based policy recommendations, and in an explanatory meeting with interested parties. She is in charge of organizing the international scientific conference “LIFE IN PRISON: criminological, penological, psychological, sociological, legal, security and medical issues” and making recommendations resulting from the explanatory meeting.